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Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020)

WiFi | space gray | Sport Band black

Case Colour


WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC


Sports bracelet

Wristband Colour

Wristband Material


Condition (info)


12 Months


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Your refurbed™ product

Refurbed™ products are 100% sustainable and up to 40% cheaper. Your trusted refurbed™ smartphone comes with a minimum 12-month warranty and a 30-day free returns policy, with no questions asked.

Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) - Description

The refurbed™ Apple Watch SE is the perfect choice for bargain hunters. Sensational features at a sensational refurbed™ price.


The high-quality, robust Retina Display is 30% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3 screen, so you always have a convenient overview of everything you need to see. Just raise your arm to automatically activate the screen.

Easy to connect, with or without LTE - depending on your chosen configuration - but always with modern Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi. This completely updated Apple Watch SE also comes with a compass and altimeter, for taking detours or just finding your way around.

The Apple Watch SE can also measure your heart rate and report large fluctuations, changes and irregularities - so you always have an overview of the condition of your heart. Plus, there are plenty of other features to protect your health, like the new Sounds app that warns you when the ambient noise level gets too high.

Scope of Delivery

  • Charging Cable

Product features

Case Colour
space gray
Case Material
iPhone 6s with iOS 14 and higher
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
34 x 40 x 10.4 mm
Sports bracelet
Through the process of refurbishing the IPxx certification can no longer be guaranteed and, for example, water damage is therefore excluded from the warranty conditions.
Operating System
394 x 324
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light sensor, Barometer, Heart rate monitor (optical), Compass
30 g
Wristband Colour
Wristband Material
12 Months

Frequently asked questions

What is refurbed?

Refurbed is an online marketplace for refurbished electronics. All refurbed™ Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) function like new, but are much cheaper. How is that the case? Once sourced, experts put our products through a 40-step refurbishment process to ensure that all products work and look like new. This results in us offering better value products that are 100% sustainable.

Why should I buy my Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) from refurbed?

Refurbed™ Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) are great value, at up to 40% cheaper than new. Equally as important is trust. We give you a minimum 12-month warranty on each device and a 30-day free trial period, during which you can return for a full refund. This means you save money, and get to test the device to make sure it works perfectly for you.

Why are refurbed™ Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) so cheap?

Every refurbed™ merchant is specialised in certain brands. They mostly buy exhibit and corporate phones in large quantities at low prices. Their specialisation makes the renewal processes very efficient, resulting in 100% renewed products that are up to 40% cheaper than new devices.

What exactly do the product grades mean?

Refurbed™ Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) work like new devices and therefore have no functional limitations. The visual condition of the devices can be selected based on your needs. What are the visual categories?

Excellent (A-Grading)
The product has no dents, scratches or signs of wear visible from a distance of 30cm - neither on the body nor on the display.
Very Good (B-grading)
These Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) may have minimal dents, scratches or wear on the body that can be seen from 30cm away. There may be micro-scratches on the display/screen, but these are not visible when the display is on.
Good (C-Grading)
These Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020) have visible signs of use such as scratches and/or dents on the body. There may be micro-scratches on the display/screen, but these are not visible when the display is switched on

How does the 30-day free trial work?

If you want to return your product for any reason, you can return it free of charge within 30 days. To do so, contact the merchant directly via your refurbed™ account and let them know that you would like to exchange or return your device. You will receive a free return label from the merchant by email or in your refurbed™ account. Alternatively, you can contact our refurbed™ customer service. We will be happy to help you and contact the merchant.

What are my warranty terms?

We offer a minimum 12-month warranty on all refurbed™ Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020). This covers all/any technical defects might occur during this period, and are not caused by your own fault.

Examples are:
- The device can no longer be switched on.
- The unit cannot find a network.
- The loudspeaker does not work.

The battery is also covered by the warranty. A distinction is made between wear and tear and technical defects. Technical defects are covered by the warranty and are characterised by abnormal behaviour. Abnormal behaviour could be, for example, that the device can only be charged up to 40%.

How can refurbed guarantee the quality of your Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020)?

Only professional and certified merchants are allowed to offer their electronic products via refurbed. We ensure this with ongoing quality tests and constant monitoring. Our merchants are all located within the EU. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery times and optimal contact to always perform our best.

Why does refurbed plant a tree for every purchase?

The environment is very important to us. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of standing up to the throwaway society and electronic waste. We do this by offering as many people as possible the opportunity to switch to renewed electronics. Buying renewed electronics saves 70% of the CO₂ emissions vs. new product production. We also plant a tree for every device sold, as this makes it possible to buy electronics that are CO₂ positive (products that lessen the CO₂ in the atmosphere). The trees are planted with our partner organisations Eden Reforestation Projects and Reforest Nation. Eden plants trees in countries, such as Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal or Mozambique.

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Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020)
Apple Watch SE Aluminum 40 mm (2020)
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